Craig Counsell offers important update on Chicago Cubs' Trade Deadline decision

Decisions loom for the Chicago Cubs.
Chicago Cubs v San Francisco Giants
Chicago Cubs v San Francisco Giants / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

The Chicago Cubs' decision at the Major League Baseball Trade Deadline is not whether to buy or sell. Instead, the Cubs, entering play on Wednesday as one of the three worst teams in the National League, are deciding whether to sell or stand pat.

The Cubs buying at the deadline should not be an option considered.

Before we get to Craig Counsell's view on what the Cubs should do at the deadline, let's think back to Theo Epstein. Epstein. prior to the Cubs turning their 2017 season around, admitted that a team shouldn't pass on the opportunity to sell in an otherwise lost season.

That philosophy should be the prevailing thought for Jed Hoyer at this season's deadline. As for Counsell, he does not view the Cubs' decision at the deadline as a matter of buying or selling.

The good decision for the Cubs at the Trade Deadline is to sell.

First and foremost, if you're mad at Counsell for this viewpoint, you are part of the problem. The roster that Counsell has to manage in his first season as the Cubs' manager is not one designed to be a threat in the National League. It is one that Jed Hoyer tricked you into believing could make the postseason if the other NL Central teams were bad. No manager would change that fact, not even your precious David Ross.

As upset as a certain segment of Cubs fans pretend to be at Counsell, the fact of the matter is the good decision is for the Cubs to sell at the deadline. That is not Counsell's fault. That is the fault of Hoyer, whose continued belief in theory instead of reality, led to the 2024 season going off the rails.