Chicago Cubs Top Prospects: Midseason Top 30 Chicago Cubs Prospects (#20-11)

The Chicago Cubs have a minor league system that features some top-level talent and is also filled with players that project to be major league contributors.
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Number 13

Jefferson Rojas SS

Age: 18 Years Old

Level: A Myrtle Beach Pelicans

Joined the organization via: IFA Signing in 2022

2023 Stats: .259/.331/.384 2 HR, 8 2B, 2 SB, 14 RBI, 20 R

Jefferson Rojas is walking the walk that we’d love to see Valdez follow, and he’s the guy that falls in between guys like Valdez and Alexis Hernandez and a guy like Cristian Hernandez who has a little more prospect clout even though he's older at the same level. Rojas is 18 and he won’t turn 19 until the end of April next season so he’s a legit 18. He hasn’t gotten to his power in the same way that Valdez has been able to to start his career but he’s much more known for his defense than he is for the bat anyway.

I always think back to Francisco Lindor when I think about players like Rojas. If you have the glove to get you to the majors, a lot of times the bat can catch up and the really good players can make adjustments over time and become at least average hitters. It’s not something that people like to think about, but when you have a guy that’s uncomfortable in the field (which he will play significantly more often than he will bat) it seeps into their heads and impacts their ability to be successful with the bat. Having a guy that’s comfortable in the field alleviates that concern and Rojas projects to be at least a solid defender even if the bat continues to lag behind. 

It will be interesting to see Rojas and Hernandez grow together and see if they can develop a double-play tandem that eventually makes its way to Wrigley and if everything goes right that could happen as soon as the start of the 2026 season.