Chicago Cubs Scapegoats: 1 to fire, 1 to put on the hot seat, 1 to be patient with

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1 Chicago Cubs' Scapegoat to be put on the hot seat - Jed Hoyer

First and foremost, Chicago Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts is never going to fire Jed Hoyer. Hoyer will serve as the team's president of baseball operations for as long as he wants the job. That isn't a bad thing necessarily for the Cubs and their fanbase as Hoyer is functional in the role as he understands the direction that Major League Baseball is headed and made a general manager hire in Carter Hawkins that has revolutionized the team's pitching prospects and infrastructure.

While Hoyer can talk his way through any decision that he makes, he has made an alarming amount of wrong decisions over the course of recent off-seasons. The Cubs have made a practice of signing the wrong players for their bench and that can be tied directly to the misevaluation of veteran players.

For Hoyer, his true test will be this off-season as the Cubs are entering a year in 2024 that many believe will be the first true year of their new contention window.