Chicago Cubs Rumors: Top 4 remaining bats left on the market

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Trey Mancini
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Top 4 remaining bats - 3. Trey Mancini

The oft-linked-to-the-Cubs Trey Mancini is still available as a first-base option to platoon with Matt Mervis. We know the Cubs have been searching for a right-handed first baseman, ultimately striking out on Jose Abreu and Josh Bell earlier in the winter. With not as many options remaining at the position and the Cubs now having a better sense of where payroll will be after signing Swanson, you can expect the front office to get more aggressive on the first-base market.

For 2023, Steamers projects Mancini for a .244/.321/.409, which may be subject to change if he winds up in the hitter-friendly confines of Wrigley Field. Platoon-wise, against southpaws, Mancini carries a 32.1% hard-hit rate and a 49.8% groundball rate. With the ban of the extreme shift, Mancini is one of the candidates that should see an uptick in batting average next year. He has recorded a respectable .265/.330/.457 through his career. Fresh off a down season in 2022 upon his move to Houston, Mancini can be had for cheap and is a decent candidate to bounce back to his more career-normal numbers.