Chicago Cubs Rumors: Top 4 remaining bats left on the market

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After the signing of Dansby Swanson yesterday, the Chicago Cubs are close to genuinely competing for the NL Central Division again. The Cubs must push on this winter with a "Why stop now?" approach and continue adding offense where applicable. The Cubs' needs are three-fold. You won't find any catchers on this list with the best already off the board. They need and will add another corner outfielder and could benefit from another OF/DH power type.

Thankfully, quite a few fall directly in line with the Cubs' motto of "intelligent spending." Adequate players who can be had on shorter pillow deals that still pack enough punch to add some much-needed production to the offense viably. Swanson propelled them up the overall standings leaderboard, but work still needs to be done to secure a playoff spot in 2023. Let's look at the best four remaining bats on the market.

Justin Turner
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Top 4 remaining bats - 4. Justin Turner

Starting with long-time Los Angeles Dodgers hot corner man Justin Turner. The two-time all-star has slashed a very respectable .289/.366/.466 throughout his 14-year career. That line has only improved to .296/.375/.490 during his last nine years with LA. Now on the free-agent market, the 38-year-old third baseman will be looking for a short deal that perfectly fits the mold of somebody the Cubs are looking for.

Turner can fill in where needed between his ability to play first and third base. The potency of his bat is what brings his value to immense levels for a team like the Cubs that are currently on the verge of filling out a formidable lineup 1-9. Fangraphs has Turner projected for just a one-year $12-14MM contract and is a solid option for the Cubs at either corner spot in the infield. He is a combination of the best bat/worst defense on this list. We've seen quite an emphasis on defense this winter by the Cubs' front office, but Turners bat to ball skills are elite and are perhaps too hard to ignore.