Chicago Cubs Rumors: Three cost-effective targets for the team

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After the Chicago Cubs balked at even offering Carlos Correa a deal, It's not easy to remain optimistic for Cubs fans. Nor should they be. After the green light was given from Chairman Tom Ricketts for Jed Hoyer to spend what he needs to turn the team around, Hoyer has seemingly done nothing. The moves in acquiring Cody Bellinger and Jameson Taillon looked to be the beginning of a fantastic offseason for the Cubs. Since then, they've missed on every target they've been connected to.

Now down to Dansby Swanson, we will see if the non-offer to Correa was due to knowing they wouldn't land him because they didn't want to go 10+ years or if the Cubs are trying to pull the wool over our eyes. If the former, then they should be all-in on Swanson moving forward. In the meantime, the team still has needs. If they choose not to sign Swanson, there are players on the market that can be viewed as upgrades and therefore impact the Cubs roster. Though disheartening to where we were a week ago, let's take a look at three of those players.

Trey Mancini
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3 realistic targets - 3. Trey Mancini

We've spoken about Trey Mancini before in length, but it's time to reevaluate due to the distinct possibility the Cubs don't land anybody of significance. Even if they did, Mancini was rumored to still be on the Cubs' radar regardless, as a platoon option at first base after missing on Jose Abreu. Mancini is off a terrible second half to the 2022 season, but he has been solid throughout his career. He has a career .265/.330/.457 slash line. Though those numbers won't win you an MVP award, they are still better than a lot of players on the current Cubs roster and therefore, Mancini can still be considered an upgrade.

Though Mancini hit just 18 HRs this year, he still has 20+ HR upside in his bat. His best year came in 2019 when he hit 35 and drove in 97 RBIs for the Baltimore Orioles. He also can play in the outfield if necessary, which gives the cubs, even more, platooning options with the left-handed Cody Bellinger set to see reps in centerfield primarily. Having Mancini is a decent fill-in against a left-handed pitcher if they want to utilize more Patrick Wisdom at first to have both right bats in the lineup.