Chicago Cubs Free Agency: "Intelligent Spending" strikes again

Chicago Cubs Introduce David Ross - News Conference
Chicago Cubs Introduce David Ross - News Conference / David Banks/GettyImages

Stop me if you've heard this before: Chicago Cubs fans are told by the front office that the money is present to make big moves in the offseason to compete next year. Top talent on the market is said to be in talks with the Cubs. Top-market teams make long, lucrative deals with the top targets to commit to winning. The Cubs end up (virtually) empty-handed on their way to Spring Training.

It's all a blur as to what order all this happened in, but the madness really got going with Trea Turner signing an 11-year $300 million contract with the Philadelphia Phillies. Everything else followed after that over the course of the next week. Aaron Judge signed a 9-year $360 million contract to stay home with the Yankees (top-tier market paying to keep home-grown talent? What's that like?). Carlos Correa got his bag from the Giants with a monstrous 13-year $350 million contract. The San Diego Padres stepped up to pay Xander Bogaerts $280 million over 11 years. We said our farewells to our beloved Willson Contreras as he moved on to rival St. Louis. Hell, even the Texas Rangers got into the mix for the second year in a row, snagging top arm Jacob deGrom for 5 years with a $185 million contract.

Every fan base, however, finished behind that of the New York Mets. Sure, they had to say their goodbyes to deGrom. But then, their owner, Steve Cohen, reminded everyone that he bought a baseball organization for the sole purpose of making it the best baseball organization. He committed over $400 million dollars to new players for his roster this season. Every single baseball fan base should take a look at Steve Cohen, and then take a look at their owner.

And then there's the Chicago Cubs. I'll give them this, the Cody Bellinger contract is by far the smartest contract of this regime. They did also strike a deal with Jameson Taillon for 4-years and $68 million. Of note, though, that's it. There are names still on the board, but what are we to believe at this point?

Cubs: fans gaslit again as team fails to sign top talent

At what point does "intelligent spending" become "unintelligent sitting?" Between that phrase and the phrase, "building the next great Cubs team," that is all the fans of this franchise hear from now president of baseball operations Jed Hoyer. Whatever kind of spending you want to call it, there is no success to be had if you don't do it.

You know what isn't intelligent spending? Paying $12 for a single cup of Old Style sitting in the bleachers watching this front office field a team that might slip into a Wild Card spot. But fans still do it, consistently, and ownership knows it. They know that this franchise will always be in the top quarter of attendance no matter what product is on the field. They know they will always get theirs. Why can't we get ours?

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Chicago is the number three market in sports, just behind New York City and Los Angeles. This franchise is worth an estimated $3.8 billion, sitting with a timeless/priceless stadium and money coming in at every angle. There are no more excuses left to give. Renovations are done and the income is above consistent. It is time to spend the money that not the front office, but these fans, have invested in for years on the top talent in baseball to bring championships (PLURAL) to the north side of Chicago.