Chicago Cubs Rumors: Team viewed as favorites for Carlos Correa

Chicago Cubs
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The Chicago Cubs have made no secrets about their intent to sign one of the top free agent shortstops on the market this offseason as they have already met with representatives for Carlos Correa, Trea Turner, Xander Bogaerts, and Dansby Swanson. While the free agency market continues to develop, the Cubs are viewed as the favorites to sign one of the aforementioned free agent shortstops by one prominent online sportsbook.

No, the Vegas insiders probably do not have any inside information on the Cubs and their pursuit of Correa but the odds do provide a good sense of how the general public views the Cubs and their intent to spend this offseason.

There is no question that the Cubs view Correa as a perfect fit for their overall needs heading into the 2023 Major League regular season. Correa plays a premium position at shortstop and plays the position well given his 2022 Gold Glove award nomination. In addition to his defense, Correa understands modern analytics and the impact they have on offensive success. That is one of the reasons why Correa is viewed as one of the premium bats on the free agent market.

The Chicago Cubs are the odds-on favorites to sign free agent shortstop Carlos Correa.

Last offseason, it was rumored that the Cubs submitted a 7-year offer to Correa worth $210 million. There have been varying reports as to whether or not Correa was actually made aware of that offer as he was in the middle of switching representation. Whether or not the Cubs are willing to submit a similar offer to Correa this offseason remains to be seen but there have been several reports this offseason that the Cubs may prefer a short-term deal with a higher AAV. Correa is viewed to be either the top shortstop on the free agent market or 1A behind Los Angeles Dodgers free agent shortstop Trea Turner.

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Correa will be an interesting case study for the Cubs and their off-season approach. The Philadelphia Phillies provided the blueprint this past season as to why teams should spend at the Major League level with hopes of contending for a postseason spot. The Cubs' history with lucrative contracts, most notably with how poorly the Jason Heyward contract aged, should not be the reason they shy away from a long-term deal with Correa or any other free-agent shortstop outside of Swanson.