Chicago Cubs Rumors: Pushback on idea that Kyle Hendricks will sign extension

There was a growing sense that the Chicago Cubs will sign Kyle Hendricks to an extension this off-season but there has since been pushback to that idea.
Sep 29, 2023; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA;  Chicago Cubs pitcher Kyle Hendricks (28) pitches against
Sep 29, 2023; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA; Chicago Cubs pitcher Kyle Hendricks (28) pitches against / Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like a certainty that starting pitcher Kyle Hendricks will be back with the Chicago Cubs for the 2024 season but it remains to be seen how Hendricks' return will be formulated from a contractual perspective.

Seven days after the World Series concludes between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Texas Rangers, the Cubs will need to decide whether or not they will pick up Hendricks' $16.5MM option for the 2024 season.

Recently, there appeared to be momentum behind the idea of the Cubs' trying to work out an extension with Hendricks. The important piece to keep in mind regarding an extension with Hendricks would be the purpose behind it.

The only purpose that the Cubs would have for signing Hendricks to an extension rather than picking up his $16.5MM player option would be because of the team wanting to lower Hendricks' payroll hit for the 2024 season. Any other reason for an extension beyond the idea of lowering the payroll hit for the 2024 season would not be logical.

To that end, it does not sound entirely likely that the extension will be the structure for how Hendricks returns to the Cubs. Jesse Rogers joined "The Waddle and Silvy" show on ESPN 1000 and did not mince words: there currently is no extension in the works between the Cubs and Hendricks.

For the full transcript of what Rodgers said and some additional breakdown, our friends at Bleacher Nation have Rogers' exact words.

There appears to be some semantics at play when talking about Hendricks and a hypothetical extension. Again, the purpose of the extension would be to allow the Cubs to pay Hendricks a lower amount than $16.5MM while deferring money to future seasons. The idea of the Cubs picking up the option and then extending Hendricks should not be a discussion as it would defeat the purpose.

To recap, we know the what in that Hendricks should be back with the Cubs in 2024 but we are waiting on the how.

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