Chicago Cubs Rumors: Pete Alonso could come back into focus at MLB Trade Deadline

The popular Cubs' trade rumor is back.
New York Mets v Tampa Bay Rays
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The Chicago Cubs will likely be linked to New York Mets first baseman Pete Alonso until he is either traded at the Major League Baseball Trade Deadline or signs elsewhere next winter.

Alonso is a free agent after this season and the Cubs were believed to have made an attempt at acquiring the power-hitting first baseman from the Mets last season at the deadline. Trade talks between the Cubs and Mets did not materialize over the offseason but it's possible that the North Siders will circle back on their interest in Alonso at this season's trade deadline.

In an early look at star players that could be on the move at the trade deadline, Jon Heyman of the New York Post mentioned Alonso with the reminder that the Cubs are known to like the slugger.

"Mets fans love him, and might revolt (at least initially), and word is so does owner Steve Cohen. But since the Met strongly considered an Alonso deal last summer and the Cubs are known to like him (and may need him), it can’t be completely ruled out if they fall out of it. Probably a long shot."

New York Post

The Pete Alonso trade rumor will always circle the Chicago Cubs.

While the Cubs do not have a need for a first baseman given the emergence of Michael Busch this season, the team still does have a need for offense. More specifically, the Cubs need power. With Christopher Morel settling in at third base and his defense improving, the Cubs could use the designated hitter spot as a place to improve their offense.

While Craig Counsell has the preference for using the designated hitter's spot as a way to rotate players, the potential value that Alonso brings to the Cubs' offense would be too high to pass up in a potential trade.