Chicago Cubs Rumors: Decision day for waiver claims

Thursday will be the day that Chicago Cubs fans will find out if the team made any successful waiver claims on recently players made available.
Los Angeles Angels v Philadelphia Phillies
Los Angeles Angels v Philadelphia Phillies / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Decision day has arrived for the Chicago Cubs as today will be the day in which there will be the conclusion on the players that were recently placed on waivers.

All eyes will be on the Los Angeles Angels as they placed three pitchers on waivers that would be of interest to the Cubs. Starting pitcher Lucas Giolito, relief pitcher Reynaldo Lopez, and relief pitcher Matt Moore are three pitchers that would have immediate value to the Cubs. In the case of Giolito and Lopez, the Angels acquired these two pitchers in a trade deadline deal with the Chicago White Sox last month.

Outside of the Angels, the Chicago White Sox placed starting pitcher Mike Clevinger on waivers along with the New York Mets placing Carlos Carrasco on waivers. Both Clevinger and Carrasco have ties to Cubs' general manager Carter Hawkins given the time shared with the Cleveland Guardians' organization.

As things currently stand, the Cubs are 20th in the waiver wire order. With other teams that the Cubs are battling with for a postseason spot ahead of them in the waiver wire order--specifically, the Cincinnati Reds, San Francisco Giants, and New York Mets--it would seem unlikely that the Cubs will be successful in getting their first choice.

The Reds would seem likely to be involved with the starting pitchers and they could be the team to watch for Giolito as they had interest in trading for the veteran starting pitcher before the trade deadline.

It would seem that the Cubs may prioritize stabilizing their bullpen with any waiver claim that they make. Moore would certainly be an ideal fit as it would add an established left-handed reliever to the bullpen. Moore has a 2.66 ERA on the season in 41 appearances.

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