Chicago Cubs rumors: 3 potential trades to acquire Sean Murphy

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Miguel Amaya
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Trade 1) Cubs trade Miguel Amaya, Owen Caissie and Ryan Jensen

The Cubs trading these three prospects could get the job done. At the moment, the Athletics only have one catcher on their 40-man roster. They do have Tyler Soderstrom awaiting arrival to the MLB, but Amaya would add an extra catcher that they need. The Athletics of course are moving Murphy, so they would be down a catcher. Amaya could fill that for them. The Cubs should have no problem parting ways with their 2015 international signing because of their addition of Murphy. The Cubs also have Moises Ballestros in their system. He is still a few years away from being ready, but the organization is high on his talent and it would Justify moving Amaya.

Ryan Jensen was just recently protected from the rule 5 draft by the Cubs. so they did not want to lose him that easily. That does not mean they will not trade him though. Jensen, 25, has a power arm that can reach the upper 90's. He has been a starter for the Cubs, but in 151 career minor-league innings, he has 84 walks. Other scouts outside of the Cubs think he is better suited for the bullpen. He has a minor league career BAA of .197 and averages more than a strikeout per inning. The Athletics could be more inclined to use him out of the bullpen to get the most out of his talent.

Owen Caissie is said to have some of the best raw power in the Cubs organization according to his scouting report. That is some high praise, and it could be the factor that gets the Athletics to accept this trade. Caissie's strikeout rate was a little high in 2022, but the potential is there. The Cubs have a surplus of outfield prospects, so losing one is not the end of the world, especially if it is Caissie and not some of their better outfield prospects.