Chicago Cubs rumors: 3 potential trades to acquire Sean Murphy

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Adbert Alzolay
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Trade 2) Cubs trade Adbert Alzolay, Luke Little

Luke Little was drafted in the 4th round of the shortened 2020 draft. He is a hard-throwing left-handed pitcher that the Cubs used as a starter in 2022. He has been up to 105 mph on the gun but will sit 94-97. Little could benefit more out of the bullpen and might make his way to the big leagues faster that way. His scouting report says that is where he will eventually land. With his power arm, high strikeout rate, and ability to miss barrels, Little could be a very attractive prospect in a trade offer.

The key piece here is Adbert Alzolay. Alzolay was very good out of the bullpen when he came back from injury in 2022. Before that, he was used as a starter. Alzolay can be used for both, and it will be up to the Athletics to use him how they see fit. However, his fastball velocity saw an increase out of the bullpen, and his command was excellent. Alzolay might be someone the Cubs want to hold on to, but to get this trade done, he may have to be involved in it. A trade with Adbert Alzolay and Luke Little should be enough to get this done given their potential