Chicago Cubs Rumors: 3 left-handed reliever targets in free agency

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Lately, all there has been discussed is the marquee names in free agency. For the Chicago Cubs, those targets consist of the elite shortstops, some solid names in the starting pitching market, a couple of potential upper-tier outfielders, and several first basemen. However, we haven't discussed the relievers that are available. The fact is, there are several that could be extremely beneficial to the Cubs moving forward. Veteran names can help the new guys with high potential capture that ceiling rather than middle-out to average relievers in the game.

Primarily, the Cubs desperately need another left-handed pitcher in the bullpen. This winter, there happen to be several solid options to fill that role. Though relievers are a grain of sand on the beach in terms of interest compared to say Aaron Judge or Jacob deGrom, they are still vital pieces to a club's overall success. Without further ado, let's circle three left-handed relievers the Cubs need to have circled on their target list in order to help the club make an immediate impact in 2023.

Andrew Chafin
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3 lefty reliever targets - 3. Andrew Chafin

You recognize the name. You recognize the 'stache. Andrew Chafin is once again available in free agency. Last winter, we were hoping the Cubs would bring Chafin back to Chicago after being traded to Oakland at the deadline but he wound up signing in Detroit. With the Cubs, Chafin had a career run. He posted a 2.06 ERA in Chicago, and an even more impressive 1.53 ERA in Oakland and followed that up nicely with a 2.83 ERA in Detroit this season

Chafin actually fills a vital need for the Cubs. Though they will have multiple options for relief this year, the Cubs need another lefty. Aside from Brandon Hughes, it's really slim pickings in the southpaw department. Particularly in the back end of the bullpen. Given his track record in Chicago and already having proven himself in the Friendly Confines, it should be a no-brainer for the Cubs to at least target him this winter. There's no reason the Cubs can't bring back The Sheriff to keep lefty-lefty crime to a minimum.