Chicago Cubs Rumors: 3 left-handed reliever targets in free agency

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3 lefty reliever targets - 2. Brad Hand

Brad Hand
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After a fantastic campaign in Philadelphia, Brad Hand graces this list in the number 2 spot after posting a 2.80 ERA in 45.0 innings with the Phils. Hand has essentially been a closer for the better part of the last 7 years. In that time from 2016 until now, he has accumulated a 2.89 ERA and recorded 130 saves in the process. Over those 429.2 innings of work, he has mowed down 533 would-be hitters, good for an 11.2 K/9.

Now a free agent, Hand could serve a vital purpose for the Cubs in the back end of the 'pen same as Andrew Chafin before him. Particularly, he would be a solid veteran presence for Brandon Hughes who figures to be an important piece of the Cubs moving forward. Hand has been pretty solid throughout the duration of his career. The three-time all-star now comes with more postseason experience fresh off a world series run.