Chicago Cubs: Ranking each position's defensive strength

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5.) Center Field

Key players: Cody Bellinger, Ian Happ, Christopher Morel

Bellinger will be slated to play the majority of centerfield for the Cubs. He sports a career of 14 DRS and 2.0 UZR/150. Cumulatively as an outfielder (left, center, right), he boasts a career of 34 DRS and 4.0 UZR/150. Last season he was solid in center field, with 0 DRS, 67th percentile Outfield Jump and 0.8 UZR/150, so nothing great but not below average. He has had seasons with more impressive defensive metrics but he can still hold his own out there. Morel can also play some time out there if he is not playing in the infield.

4.) Catcher

Key players: Yan Gomes, Tucker Barnhart

Both of these veteran catchers are known for their defense over their offense. Gomes worked very well with the Cubs pitching staff in 2022 and sports a career of 46 DRS and 19 rGFP (Good Fielding Plays Run Saved above average). Barnhart is a two-time Gold Glove winner and boasts a career 12 DRS and 28 rGFP. Last season was really tough for Barnhart, as he sported a career-worst -8 DRS. If he is healthier in 2023 and playing more like his usual self, he will be a positive force behind the plate.