Chicago Cubs prospect Matt Mervis promotion: We ask ChatGPT what the team will do

Mar 12, 2023; Miami, Florida, USA; Israel first baseman Matt Mervis (27) hits a single during the
Mar 12, 2023; Miami, Florida, USA; Israel first baseman Matt Mervis (27) hits a single during the / Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest questions of the Chicago Cubs 2023 season will be when the team will promote first base prospect, Matt Mervis.

Mervis is off to an incredible start with the Iowa Cubs. Mervis is slashing .263/.423/.553 through his first 52 plate appearances with the Iowa Cubs and the most impressive aspect is the patience that he has shown as he has more walks (11) than strikeouts (9) this season. The power is also there as he has 3 home runs on the young campaign to go along with a .289 ISO.

The current issue for the Cubs, admittedly, is not an issue but veteran first baseman Eric Hosmer got off to a great start to the season at the Major League level. Hosmer's hot start to the season has led many to wonder what will the team do in May or June when it is becoming apparent that Mervis is ready for the Major Leagues. The Cubs may not have the answer to that question but like any logical human, I turned to ChatGPT to find the answer.

The question that I proposed: “The Cubs want to call up Matt Mervis in May but Eric Hosmer is playing well. What should they do?”

ChatGPT played the role of general manager and laid out the options.

Asking ChatGPT when Chicago Cubs prospect Matt Mervis will be promoted and play over Eric Hosmer

Option 1:

"Player performance: If Eric Hosmer continues to play well, the team could decide to keep him on the roster and allow him to continue contributing to the team's success."


Cubs manager David Ross has shown a preference to play veterans over young players. If Hosmer continues to find success, this seems to be the most likely path that the team will take.

Option 2:

"Long-term development: If Matt Mervis has strong potential and the team sees him as part of their future plans, they may decide to call him up despite Hosmer's performance."


The Cubs have long stated that the goal is to have their prospects dominate at each level before being challenged at the Major League level. In total, Mervis is slashing .291/.388/.575 along with 18 through 307 plate appearances in Triple-A dating back to last season. It would be fair to say that Mervis has dominated at Triple-A and the best course for his development would be to face greater pitching at the Major League level.

Option 3:

"Team needs: The team's current needs and weaknesses will also play a role in any roster changes. If the team needs help at a particular position, they may prioritize calling up a player who can fill that role, regardless of their current roster."


This option is the one that could force the issue for the Cubs. The Cubs have a clear need for power and ideally, a left-handed power hitter. If that need remains while the Cubs are proving that they can contend at the Major League level, Mervis could be the answer to that need.

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