Chicago Cubs News: The Surprise of Mike Tauchman has been the story of the season

When the Chicago Cubs started their season, fans believed they had the starting outfield for the entire season but then Mike Tauchman changed their plans.
Tauchman celebrates with his teammates.
Tauchman celebrates with his teammates. / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

When the Chicago Cubs started their season, fans believed they had the starting outfield for the entire season. Ian Happ in left field, Cody Bellinger in center, and Seiya Suzuki in right. Then Mike Tauchman happened.

Bellinger got injured in May which led to Tauchman being called up and made his Cubs debut on May 19. Imagine everyone's surprise when he started producing at a consistent rate. A lot of fans were thinking that this was a lucky streak and that he would eventually get cold. But somehow, he has become one of their most reliable producers in a matter of a couple of months.

One of the big reasons why he has been such a surprise is that no one knew him. He was not a big name or prospect like Pete Crow-Armstrong. He was just another player for the Iowa Cubs. No one would've guessed he would soon become their leadoff hitter.

This also is a surprise as the Cubs have been juggling players in that spot and at the beginning of the season, it seemed like it would be the same. But ever since Mike Tauchman has been in the lineup, he is leading off. That is a special moment for someone who is breaking into the league.

Tauchman also grew because of the versatility that he brings to the team. With Bellinger coming back and becoming a star player again, it looked like there was no room for him to play. But with Suzuki having struggled at the plate, he has taken over his spot in right field against right-handed pitchers.

A player that can play multiple positions is beneficial to both the team and the player. While it does cause concern for Suzuki, Tauchman has shown that if anything happens to either him or Bellinger, there is no reason to worry.

Especially if he gets to show off his defense cause while he hasn't had enough time to show a lot of his talent, the fans have seen glimpses of it. Like how he came out of nowhere, Tauchman shows that he can belong on the roster.

One great example of his defensive talent was when he stole a home run away from the Cardinals at the end of the game. That one play solidified that he has the potential of becoming another asset to our outfield.

With a .278 batting average, .368 OBP, and 40 RBIs on the season, it looks like the Cubs have found another great outfielder who can not only get on base but protect the lead. This Palatine native looks like he found his groove and Cubs fans like myself look forward to seeing him in the lineup every day.

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