Chicago Cubs News: Steve Cohen, Willson Contreras, and more

Fans cheer as Mets owner Steve Cohen makes his way through the crowd prior to the unveiling of the
Fans cheer as Mets owner Steve Cohen makes his way through the crowd prior to the unveiling of the / Frank Becerra Jr. / The Journal News /

At the Chicago Cubs Convention last month, team chairman Tom Ricketts may have taken subtle jabs at the approach of New York Mets' owner Steve Cphen. Ricketts spoke against the idea of spending the type of money that Cohen has with the Mets this offseason and that is essentially the problem of a majority of Major League Baseball owners.

Every owner in Major League Baseball can afford to spend the type of money that Cohen has this offseason. The issue is many owners treat their Major League Baseball franchises like a line entry on their general ledger instead of the sports team that should be actively trying to win a championship each season. That would be the reason why Cohen's comments to ESPN's Jeff Passan for a feature should be applauded.

""I've heard what everyone else has heard: that they're not happy with me," Cohen said. "I hear things from people who are maybe more neutral -- that they're taking a lot of heat from their fans. I kind of look at that like, you're looking at the wrong person. They're putting it on me. Maybe they need to look more at themselves. "I'm not responsible for how other teams run their clubs," he added. "I'm really not. That's not my job. And there are disparities in baseball. We know that to be true. I'm following the rules. They set the rules down, I'm following them.""

Steve Cohen via ESPN

The issue is not with Cohen. The issue is with teams that have owners like Ricketts that use the guise of a Pandemic to ensure they still guarantee their profit.

Willson Contreras embracing St. Louis

Former Chicago Cubs catcher Willson Contreras shared an image on his Instagram on Monday that will likely only build the animosity that Cubs fans may have toward the team's former catcher.

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