Chicago Cubs News: Jose Abreu fallout, Bellinger focus, and more

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The Chicago Cubs may have been waiting for the first domino to fall in regard to their offseason plans and that may have occurred on Monday with free-agent first baseman Jose Abreu signing a three-year, $60 million contract with the Houston Astros. The Cubs will now need to pivot in their search for an upgrade at the first base position and if the team decides to go for an alternative option that will be cost-effective, there are free agents available that the team could target at the first base position as they wait for Matt Mervis to arrive at the Major League level.

The reaction to the Cubs' missing on their pursuit of Abreu has been mixed. Naturally, the skeptical Cubs fans are using this to further their stance of the team remaining cheap while remaining on the sidelines. On the other end, there are Cubs fans that realize that you simply do not pay a player $20 million annually in their age 36, 37, and 38 seasons.

If the Cubs are going to be criticized for remaining on the sidelines this offseason, then there are 26 other teams that should be lumped under the same umbrella. What's important to remember is that there have only been four free-agent signings to Major League contracts so far this offseason. Now is not the time to be overly critical of the Cubs' offseason. At the very least, let's make it through the Winter Meetings next week before we begin to question the direction of the Cubs' offseason. There is no doubt that losing out on Abreu stings but there are still opportunities out there for the Cubs to find success this offseason. If the Cubs miss on those opportunities and we are being sold more of the same in March, then yes, let's have that conversation about the true intent of the team's front office. But in an offseason that hasn't reached December yet, let's practice patience first.

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In light of missing out on Abreu, the Cubs may quickly turn toward trying to finalize a deal with free agent Cody Bellinger. Bellinger has been talked about through the lens of being the Cubs centerfielder in 2023 but it's important to remember that he had played first base regularly during his time with the Los Angeles Dodgers. With Kevin Kiermaier seeking a two-year deal this offseason, Bellinger appears to be a better fit for the Cubs next season.

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