Chicago Cubs News: David Ross sounds off on bad umpiring

Chicago Cubs manager David Ross sounded off on the umpiring that was at play during the Cubs' victory over the Milwaukee Brewers on Tuesday afternoon.
Chicago Cubs v Milwaukee Brewers
Chicago Cubs v Milwaukee Brewers / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

The Chicago Cubs were victorious over the Milwaukee Brewers on Tuesday in a game that was saved by rookie relief pitcher Daniel Palencia and left fielder Ian Happ.

The game was certainly not without drama, especially in the late innings as the Cubs were victim of bad umpiring by home plate umpire Erich Bacchus. Bacchus issued a called strike two on Cubs' shortstop Dansby Swanson that led to frustrations boiling over for the Cubs' coaching staff.

Nico Hoerner, who was on first base during the called strike two Swanson, was seen chirping at the umpiring crew and that would be when first base coach Mike Napoli made the savvy move and carried the argument forward on Hoerner's behalf. The result was Hoerner avoiding an ejection and, instead, Napoli getting the removal.

Meanwhile, Ross, who had been having a discussion with Bacchus at home plate, returned to the field to air out a few more choice words and that is when he got the ejection.

Ross did not hold back on his critique of the umpiring crew while speaking with reporters after the game.

"“I know it’s not an easy job. But there’s just, there’s some of the pitches that got called today just weren’t even close. So, it’s gotta be better, they’re closing the roof to get rid of the shadows late. There’s a lot of bullsh– going on today that was really frustrating.”"

Ross also had choice words when asked about the Brewers' decision to close the roof on a day when there were no clouds in the sky or inclement weather.

Perhaps, Tuesday's victory over the Brewers and Ross' consequent tirade will serve as a turning point for the Cubs' season. The Cubs, with their play over the past week, have been on the verge of becoming sellers at the Major League Baseball Trade Deadline but if the team can take the next two games from the Brewers, it may paint a different picture.

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