Chicago Cubs News: An open apology to the front office

San Francisco Giants v Chicago Cubs
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At the conclusion of the disappointing 2022 season, I was fully prepared for the Chicago Cubs to be all talk and no action when it came to the 2022-2023 offseason. I was ready to hear all the talk and noise of the money available to spend only to miss out on the big names in the end. I wrote about who I wanted for this team and all the options, feeling I was setting false expectations that the Cubs were going to be big spenders with all their money and show this fan base they meant business. Does this make me a terrible fan? I mean I'm not proud of it. But the way the last handful of seasons have gone, I don't think I was wrong for thinking it.

We saw documentaries about how Wrigleyville was renovated and built for the next generation. We saw a sportsbook being built before our very eyes along with ticket and beer prices going sky high. The money was there, alright. But then were heard about "smart spending" to "build the next great Cubs team" over and over to the point where we never thought we'd get there. Hand up, I was not optimistic. I was ready for an offseason of demanding the team be sold to someone who cares about winning.

Hand up, I was wrong. I am sorry, Tom and Jed.

Cubs: Smart spending has catapulted North Siders into contention

Credit to me for admitting I was wrong and credit to the Cubs for making this team look pretty good. Additions such as Dansby Swanson and Cody Bellinger fortify both the defense up the middle and also the lineup on offense. Adding to the already deep pitching depth with Jameson Taillon and Brad Boxberger gives the potential for extra innings to be had on the back end. Veterans like Tucker Barnhart and Eric Hosmer will help the growth of the team and pave the way for the young guns to step up and make a difference. And the biggest win of all, they completely avoided the Carlos Correa debacle.

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All the moves made by the Cubs' front office were sound and smart, and help the team for both now and the future. The Cubs went from a bottom-feeder attitude to a contender in a matter of ten moves. There are a lot of teams that could win the World Series in 2023, including the division rival St. Louis Cardinals. But with the offseason they had, the Chicago Cubs are right in the mix.