Chicago Cubs: Four left-handed targets to balance the lineup

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Tyler Naquin
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4 lefty targets - 1. Tyler Naquin

After a pretty down year at the plate, Tyler Naquin enters the fold as a candidate that could help the Cubs solidify their lineup. Naquin is only one year removed from a .270/.333/.477 and 19 HR, 70 RBI season. Yes, that was in Cincinnati. No, I don't care because he still batted .267/.330/.432 on the road with a 105 wRC+. When the wind is blowing out in Chicago, Wrigley Field is just as hitter-friendly as any park in the league. Let's take a deeper dive at the numbers against righties.

For his career, Naquin slashes .274/.326/.468 with a career 109 wRC+ and therefore has a history of being slightly better than average for the role the Cubs would have carved out for him. He also has more versatility in the outfield than the aforementioned names on this list and could find regular at-bats against lefties the same way Michael Conforto would have if the Cubs were able to land him. Naquin isn't the most excellent option to add in free agency, but he's at least an above-average bat in the bottom 3rd of the order with defensive versatility, and for that, he is a viable option.