Chicago Cubs: Four left-handed targets to balance the lineup

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Eric Hosmer
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4 lefty targets - 2. Eric Hosmer

Next on the list, we come to Eric Hosmer. For one, Hosmer's contract is being funded by the San Diego Padres, so paying him the league minimum hurts nothing more than dedicating a 40-man roster spot to him. How much he has left in the tank is the bigger question. Though he slashed .268/.334/.382, he only had 8 home runs and 42 RBIs. Though he is still a decent option to plug into your lineup against right-handed pitchers, he effectively blocks Matt Mervis in one way or another.

If Mervis only DHs, he misses some much-needed reps in the field. If Mervis plays first base, you're not fielding a four-time Gold Glove winner in Eric Hosmer. The fit could be better for me. I don't have much negative to say about Hosmer; he's mostly been an above-average player throughout his career. It just so happens that the Cubs have a left-handed first baseman that deserves a chance to showcase what he has. Under any other circumstances, I wouldn't hate this move as much. Whether it came down to Hosmer or not, he still has a decent bat and fielding skills, with veteran experience to help a young up-and-coming team out.