5 reasons the Chicago Cubs should be buyers no matter what

Taking a look at five reasons the Chicago Cubs should be buyers at this year's MLB trade deadline, regardless of what happens this week.
St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs
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5 reasons the Chicago Cubs should buy - Remaining strength of schedule

For the remainder of the year, even if the Cubs are still 6.5 games back at the time of writing, their remaining strength of schedule is one of, if not the weakest, in all of baseball. For August and September, 29 of the Cub's remaining games are against teams well under .500, including a stretch of 12 straight against the White Sox, Kansas City, Detroit, and Pittsburgh. Power Rankings Guru currently tabs the Cubs as having the most manageable schedule the rest of the way.

That is why, even if you still are 3-4 games back in the NL Central at the time of the deadline, there's reason to believe the Cubs still have plenty of time to climb back against teams such as Cincinnati and Milwaukee, who admittedly don't face the toughest of foes either. Still, Cincinnati, for example, just began a very tough stretch, and Milwaukee faces a more challenging time in August than they do over the next couple of weeks.

Still, the Cubs' slight advantage of the strength of schedule provides an opportunity that if they add a couple of pieces at the deadline, they will have what it takes to push past. Understandably, losses are losses. However, the period of Cub's one-run losses earlier in the year makes things appear worse than they are. They remain the only NL Central team with a plus run differential. Eventually, the standings will have to correct themselves should that keep up. Given the schedule and adding a couple of players, it's very fair to say the Cubs are certainly not out of this thing.