Chicago Cubs Rumors: Beat writer provides important reminder on Cody Bellinger

Chicago Cubs fans have been drawing dramatic conclusions on the status of center fielder Cody Bellinger as the MLB Trade Deadline approaches.
St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs fans may be wasting their breath with their unhinged rants regarding what the team may do at the Major League Baseball Trade Deadline on August 1.

This season especially, Cubs fans have had the deranged idea that the team's front office is begging to sell at the deadline and the only way they can be shifted from that goal is if the team wins games. Because, otherwise, selling at the deadline is just what the Cubs do.

Let's review a quick history lesson.

After a double-digit losing streak leading into the month of July during the 2021 season, the Cubs fell out of contention and made the right decision to trade Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, and Javier Baez. The Cubs made out well on each of those trades with the only knock on the Rizzo trade being that the team has yet to identify their long-term first baseman.

The Cubs were certainly sellers at last year's deadline and the team's biggest trade chips were left fielder Ian Happ and catcher Willson Contreras. The Cubs traded neither player.

The idea at the Cubs sell at the deadline because "It's just what they do" is just a false narrative created on Twitter.

That would be the reason why the reminder Patrick Mooney of The Athletic provided on Monday is important:

"Don’t overthink it when it appears to be this simple: Bellinger will not be traded as long as the Cubs keep winning. And Bellinger will sign back here as a free agent if the Cubs offer him the most money."

Patrick Mooney via The Athletic

Fact: The Cubs are not going to trade Bellinger because "they have to" since he will be a free agent this winter.

Fact: As long as the bottom does not fall out from under the Cubs over the next week, Bellinger is not going to be traded.

Breathe, Cubs fans, and close the Twitter app. Once you tune out the noise, the signs of Bellinger staying with the Cubs will be apparent.

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