5 free agents this Chicago Cubs must target this winter

Looking over this winter's list of MLB free agents and determining five players the Chicago Cubs must target to sign to return to contention.

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5 free agents the Cubs must target - 3. Jordan Montgomery

I've touched on Jordan Montgomery in the past. He could be brought in for the Cubs as an affordable, highly efficient workhorse that solidifies the starting rotation if they miss the aforementioned Ohtani and Yamamoto. Over the past three seasons, Montgomery has averaged a 3.48 ERA, but his actual ERA has gone down year by year since 2021, recording a 3.20 between St. Louis and Texas this season throughout 188.2 IP.

Winning a World Series with the Ranger this year, Montgomery has new first-hand knowledge of a deep post-season run. Montgomery owns a 3-1 record and 2.63 ERA for his six-series postseason career. His estimated contract of around 25M a year in free agency aligns with the Cubs' budget. Adding him to the rotation places him at the forefront and gives the Cubs an incredible piece that helps move the needle toward playoff contention for 2024.