5 free agents this Chicago Cubs must target this winter

Looking over this winter's list of MLB free agents and determining five players the Chicago Cubs must target to sign to return to contention.
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5 free agents the Cubs must target - 4. Justin Turner

Justin Turner on a one-year deal makes sense for the Cubs if they fail to sign or trade for an infielder this winter. Although primarily a DH now, Turner can still fill in nicely if need be, as he appeared in 58 games playing in the field between first base, second, and third in 2023 for Boston. Maybe not the greatest defensively, but his bat-to-ball skills are still elite, and he certainly adds cheap offensive production.

In 2023, Turner slashed .276/.345/.455 with 23 HRs and 96 RBIs. So much of the spotlight these days goes to the younger budding superstars, or the Shohei Ohtani's of the world, that stats like these often don't receive the credit they deserve anymore. The fact remains Turner can still mash. He is an acceptable backup target if the Cubs need somebody later in free agency. He certainly won't be a primary target, but his offensive prowess and non-bank-breaking contract demands for perhaps a bridge to Matt Shaw are hard to ignore.