5 Cubs players who won't survive the trade deadline

The Chicago Cubs need a miracle to avoid selling for a third straight year - and there could be some big names traded ahead of the Aug. 1 trade deadline.
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5 Cubs who won't survive the trade deadline - #4: Michael Fulmer

Man, if you'd have told me Michael Fulmer would wind up having trade value early on in the year, I'd have called you crazy. The team's unofficial closer to open the 2023 season has rebounded nicely and teams could come calling looking for bullpen depth ahead of Aug. 1.

Now, a trade of Fulmer likely isn't going to net anything head-spinning in return. Still, he's been on a decent run lately, with a 2.35 ERA and .178 opponent batting average allowed since May 20. On a one-year deal that's affordable for small and large market clubs alike, Chicago could move the right-hander and allow the youth movement to commence down the stretch.

Early on in the year, I - along with plenty of other folks - criticized the front office for this signing. After all, it didn't make near the impression previous pickups of this nature did: Ryan Tepera, David Robertson, Andrew Chafin - they all anchored the bullpen early in the year. Fulmer didn't do that: he got off to a rocky start, before settling in. Now, the Cubs should flip him and see what they can get for the future.