5 Cubs players who won't survive the trade deadline

The Chicago Cubs need a miracle to avoid selling for a third straight year - and there could be some big names traded ahead of the Aug. 1 trade deadline.

Pittsburgh Pirates v Chicago Cubs
Pittsburgh Pirates v Chicago Cubs / Matt Dirksen/GettyImages
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5 Cubs who won't survive the trade deadline - #3: Patrick Wisdom

Patrick Wisdom has had a nice little run with the Cubs - but the time has come to pull the plug. He has one multi-hit game since the end of April, slashing a horrendous .142/.246/.311 with a 49% strikeout rate. The early season power surge aside, it's been a brutal showing for Wisdom and it should cost him his job.

There's always a team out there in need of power at the deadline (the Brewers and Guardians, two teams with postseason hopes, rank in the bottom third of the league in slugging percentage this year, just as examples. Although we all know he'd hit .450 against the Cubs for the next three years just for good measure if he wound up in Milwaukee).

Wisdom is more than capable of changing the game with one swing. The problem is the cure is the disease itself. He swings and misses a ton, ranking in the bottom 11% in whiff rate while also grading out poorly defensively. Maybe there's a place for him somewhere, but it's not in the future of the Chicago Cubs.