5 Chicago Cubs arguments that need to be debunked immediately

Baseball uses a lot of numbers and stats which makes it very easy for your friends to make declarative statements that no one could possibly argue with. Here's how you argue with them.

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Spending big on free agents is almost always a bad investment, especially when you have to overspend.

Do you drive a car? 

Cars are bad investments too because they lose their value almost as soon as you get them, however, they provide a necessary service to your life, so you suck it up and buy one.

Free agents may not be as valuable as prospects on team-friendly deals, but since 2018 there hasn’t been a team with a payroll ranked outside of the top ten to win a World Series, so if the goal is to win then free agent “overspending” is necessary.

Response: Recent track record has shown that the teams unwilling to spend beyond their comfort zone don't win the big one.