5 Chicago Cubs arguments that need to be debunked immediately

Baseball uses a lot of numbers and stats which makes it very easy for your friends to make declarative statements that no one could possibly argue with. Here's how you argue with them.

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Maintaining financial flexibility is as important to building a winning team as the players are.

Again, sure. 

Financial flexibility is good because it allows you to make purchases when something unforeseen pops up. It allows you to go fishing in the big pond when a superstar free agent is available. It allows you to take care of the guys that have taken care of your franchise.

The Cubs don’t do those things though

The longest contract extension the Cubs have given in the last decade is to David Bote. The biggest free agent they’ve signed in the last decade was last year’s fourth-best available shortstop (no disrespect intended to Dansby Swanson). 

The purpose of having financial flexibility is to flex that financial flexibility. They don’t give World  Series rings at the end of the season to the team that had the most wins while also staying under the competitive balance tax. 

Response: Nobody has ever received a couple of runs as a handicap in a World Series game by showing how far under the CBT threshold they are.