4 free agent relievers left who are a perfect fit for the Cubs

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4 best relievers available - 2. Mark Melancon

Mark Melancon has been one of the better relievers in baseball. Since 2018, he has owned a 3.30 ERA, which was inflated in 2022 when he recorded a 4.66 ERA (4.20 FIP). He missed last year due to a shoulder injury and decided he wasn't far enough along in his rehab process yet to rejoin the Diamondbacks for their postseason run. Now, three more months removed, Melancon figures to be healthy and good for 2024.

After the D-Backs declined Melancon's 5-million dollar option, he is now a free agent. The career 2.97 right-hander will likely be relatively inexpensive, given that he did miss all of last season. That coupled with entering his age-38 season, he can be a high-upside play for Jed Hoyer and the Cubs if he returns to form. This would be one of those roll-of-the-dice plays for the Cubs, but Melancon's 262 career saves are the type of experience the Cubs need more of on their roster.