3 way too early reactions from Chicago Cubs Opening Day

Milwaukee Brewers v Chicago Cubs
Milwaukee Brewers v Chicago Cubs / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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3 way too early reactions from Chicago Cubs Opening Day - Yan Gomes struggled in a key area

It has been no secret that Yan Gomes was a focal point of the Cubs' offseason. Gomes signed a two-year deal with the Cubs ahead of the 2022 season and the team's pitching staff saw universal success with their performance when Gomes was behind the plate last season than when Willson Contreras was the backstop.

Gomes' ability to work with the pitching staff was a large part of the reason why the Cubs were willing to part ways with Contreras and it showed on Thursday as the Brewers were shut out. There was a concern, however, as Gomes struggled with framing as he was credited with 2 passed balls. It was a cooler day at Wrigley Field on Thursday as temps were in the low 40s and that likely was the reason there was some struggle with gripping the ball. It is worth noting that both Marcus Stroman and Brewers pitcher Corbin Burnes seemed to struggle with gripping the ball during the early parts of Thursday's game.