3 reasons why the Chicago Cubs should not trade Cody Bellinger

The Cubs are in need of talented hitters and they have one of the best right now with Cody Bellinger. Here are three reasons Jed Hoyer should resist the offers and keep Bellinger.
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3. Bellinger's talents are not easy to acquire

There is already a serious lack of power on this Cubs team with Christopher Morel and Cody Bellinger seemingly the only ones capable of getting close to 25+ home runs this year. He's also the only consistent left-handed hitter on the team. The only one who can hit for power anyway. Ian Happ has been very up and down this year, Mike Tauchman is a replacement-level player, and Tucker Barnhart and Miles Mastrobuoni are just bad hitters.

Not to mention there aren't a lot of great hitters who are set to hit free agency this year. And the farm system isn't exactly flush with lefty bats. Matt Mervis has been great in Triple A but he hasn't figured out how to succeed against big-league pitching yet. Unless the Cubs plan on making a run at Shohei Ohtani, lefty power is scarce right now.

Bellinger's agent Scott Boras said that it's not every day a 27-year-old former MVP, rookie of the year, and World Series champion walks through the door. And I couldn't agree more. That's why I don't see the logic in moving Bellinger because he's the type of hitter you need not only now but also when the team returns to the playoffs. He's a proven big-league player and trading him for more lottery ticket prospects is kind of foolish especially because he's still on the rights side of 30 years old.

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