3 reasons why the Chicago Cubs should not trade Cody Bellinger

The Cubs are in need of talented hitters and they have one of the best right now with Cody Bellinger. Here are three reasons Jed Hoyer should resist the offers and keep Bellinger.

Chicago Cubs v New York Yankees
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2. The Cubs have the money to extend him

According to Spotrac, the Cubs currently have a payroll of $183 million, which is significantly lower than the luxury tax threshold of $233 million. And next year it will be even lower with Jason Heyward's massive contract finally coming off the books. Not to mention Marcus Stroman and Kyle Hendricks could get moved as well, hypothetically saving the team somewhere in the range of $40 million.

Even if those contracts don't get moved, the Cubs have wiggle room right now to take on a Cody Bellinger extension. Which would probably figure in the $20-25 million a year average annual value. And I say pay him what he wants because the guy is not only a great hitter, but fans love him.

With Marquee Network and the Draft King's Sportsbook in full swing, there should be no more talk of "biblical losses" from ownership and they need to prove to the fans that they're serious about competing again. I can think of no better way than getting a Bellinger extension done.