3 players who won't make Chicago Cubs' Opening Day roster

The "Summer of Mike Tauchman" was a fun story during the 2023 season for the Chicago Cubs but it may not be renewed for 2024.

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3. Mike Tauchman

The 2023 season gave Cubs fans a period of time that will never be forgotten, the Summer of Tauchman.

Tauchman's walk-off catch against the St. Louis Cardinals last July was a moment that changed the course of the season. It was that victory where Jed Hoyer shifted from having a seller's approach at the Major League Baseball Trade Deadline to having a buyer's approach.

The shine that was the summer of Tauchman was beginning to fade during the final two months of the season as he posted a 102 wRC+ and 103 wRC+, respectively. It would not be very smart for the Cubs to enter the 2024 season with the belief that Tauchman can repeat his success during the first half of 2023. Peralta, who has a more sustained track record of success at the Major League level, likely will be the one to unseat Tauchman on the Major League roster.

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