3 players the Chicago Cubs should move on from to save their season

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3 players the Cubs should move on from - Patrick Wisdom

Patrick Wisdom started his career by surpassing the Cubs rookie home run record set by Kris Bryant just six years before. An impressive feat, Wisdom has become chicken or feathers for the Cubs since then. Yes, he can smack 25-30 homers in any given season. As much as I like Wisdom, the person, the ballplayer, is still not helping the Cubs win baseball games. A quick dip into his Fangraphs reveals a slash of .198/.288/.473 with a strikeout rate north of 38%. His 14 home runs, 10 of which came before May 1st, have him clinging to a 0.5 WAR and 4% better than the league average wRC+ of 104. For June, Wisdom has a strikeout rate of 53%, a .091 batting average, and a wRC+ of -10.

This is one of those times where as much as you want to like a guy personally, you have to remember baseball is a business, and Jed Hoyer has to do what's best for the team. With the Cubs scuffling, I won't place my bets on a Wisdom DFA, but a demotion back to Iowa seems inevitable, given that he still has three minor-league options remaining. Making matters worse, with a strong emphasis on defense that the Cubs have set forth, Wisdom's below-league-average .947 FPCT at third base leaves, even more to be desired.

Though he has made some fine plays this season, he sits with an overall -2 Runs Prevented and -3 Outs Above Average, which coincides with the -9 RP and -11 OOA from last season at third base. A chance to redeem himself in Iowa is necessary. Let him try to fix whatever's broken in his swing and make better contact. For now, it's gas on an open flame to keep him on the Cubs roster.

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