3 players the Chicago Cubs should move on from to save their season

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With the Chicago Cubs season on the brink of heading for turmoil, It's time to look at players who are not producing on this roster and have managed to hold the team back. There is no one in particular scapegoat; there have been negative contributions team-wide. However, some, more than others, have been especially underwhelming this season. Let's look at three players the Cubs need to cut ties with if they wish to save their 2023 season.

3 players the Cubs should move on from - Michael Fulmer

We've already touched on how much of a disaster this signing has been so far. Personally, I was never a huge fan of this signing when it took place. With Andrew Chafin available, and the Cubs' need (and still a glaring need) for a lefty, It didn't make much sense to me why the Cubs opted to pay Fulmer when they still had the funds to pay Chafin. Once I took a look at Fulmer's stats away from Detroit after the trade deadline and noticed his ERA ballooned from a 2.38 ERA to 4.55, I failed to see the excitement.

It became a salary crunch after the Cubs landed Trey Mancini and began worrying about having enough payroll to take on a contract at the deadline. Unfortunately, the salary relief has become just as insignificant as Fulmer's relief appearances themselves. He lost his role as a backend reliever, sports a dreadful 5.93 ERA, and makes you hold your breath every time he takes the mound. The Cubs are better off cutting their losses here. Unfortunately, they can't get back the four losses he's responsible for in the bullpen.