3 overreactions to the first week of the Chicago Cubs 2024 season

What is the first week of the MLB season without some overreactions.
Colorado Rockies v Chicago Cubs
Colorado Rockies v Chicago Cubs / Griffin Quinn/GettyImages
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The Chicago Cubs are 4-2 through the first week of the 2024 season and outside of last Saturday's blowout loss to the Texas Rangers, the team has been in a position to win each game that they have played.

After sweeping the Colorado Rockies to start the week, the Cubs will have their first measuring stick moment of the season as they host the Los Angeles Dodgers for a three-game series at Wrigley Field this week.

Truth be told, it's been a refreshing start to the season for the Cubs.

Beyond anything that has happened on the field for the Cubs, Craig Counsell has been a breath of fresh air in the team's clubhouse. After failing due to the decisions made by David Ross that were based on his gut reactions, the Cubs, under Counsell, have been calculated with the moves that they have made.

Still, this is the month of April and that means one thing: overreactions.

3 way too early Cubs' overreactions - Christopher Morel is unplayable at third base.

2024 may be the offensive breakout season that the Cubs have long been anticipating for Morel. Through the first week of games, Morel has a 194 wRC+ and 2 home runs.

The concern, however, is that Morel has been doing so while mostly playing third base and the results in the field have not been great. Morel recorded his third error on the season on Wednesday and has continued concerns that he can not be the third baseman for the Cubs moving forward.

While that may be true, it is too early to make that assessment. If there is going to be a time when a team can experiment, it's April. Morel should be afforded the opportunity to continue to play third base for the first month of the season and then the team can re-evaluate in May and June.