3 horrible moves that doomed the Chicago Cubs in 2023

Looking back at the 2023 season and determining three moves that doomed the Chicago Cubs and ultimately cost them a run at the postseason.

Colorado Rockies v Chicago Cubs
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3 moves that doomed the Cubs in 2023 - 1. Not adding bullpen at the deadline

Granted, this is more a move that didn't happen that needed to rather than a move that did. Still, The Cubs' significant bullpen addition at the deadline was Jose Cuas. Though he did just fine in a Cubs uniform, toward the end of the year, it was evident the bullpen was gassed entirely. Reinforcements were needed at the trade deadline if the Cubs were to push for the postseason truly, but someone needed to be brought in.

Understandably, the Owners were unwilling to dip into the first tier of any luxury tax penalties, and the fact that they spent what they spent last winter to provide us with competitive baseball this year is a reminder that we should be grateful. Still, more was needed to make it to October, and a big reason why was how worn out the bullpen was/lack of efficient weapons down the stretch. I expect the front office to allocate funds specifically to the bullpen this winter. Fulmer will be gone. It will be interesting to see what they do with Brad Boxberger's mutual option. Those two spots in the pen make room for two elite arms that could be had via trade or free agency. It will be an enjoyable winter.

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