3 horrible moves that doomed the Chicago Cubs in 2023

Looking back at the 2023 season and determining three moves that doomed the Chicago Cubs and ultimately cost them a run at the postseason.
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3 moves that doomed the Cubs in 2023 - 2. Signing Michael Fulmer

I immediately scratched my head when Michael Fulmer was signed over a lefty like Andrew Chafin. Given that the Cubs' only lefty in the bullpen was starting on the IL, this would be a significant issue as the season rolled on. Although Fulmer was signed with decent numbers from the year prior, on paper, the fact remained that his numbers away from Detroit last season were not all that great to begin with. Unfortunately, that trend immediately continued for the Cubs, as his ERA ballooned to 8.38 by the end of May.

Though Fulmer did have moments of dominance this season, he still recorded five losses. He and Taillon combined for 15 losses, and if they had only gotten shelled half as much together, the Cubs would have easily knocked on the door of a 90-win team. For the year, Fulmer ended his one-year contract with the Cubs with an ERA of 4.42. As they say, pitching wins you championships. Had Fulmer done better earlier in the season, as he was admittedly brilliant in June and July, it could have been one of the biggest ways the Cubs' outcome on the season would have been more successful.