3 guys the Cubs could be using at third base instead of Miles Mastrobuoni

The Chicago Cubs have at-bats to give out at third base right now, but they are giving them to Miles Mastrobuoni instead of the plethora of other candidates in Iowa.

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3. Jake Slaughter

Yet another third baseman sitting in Iowa is prospect Jake Slaughter, who is leading the Iowa Cubs with 16 home runs and 63 RBIs on the year. Again this team needs a power-hitting third baseman and Slaughter checks both of those boxes. This could also be a great chance for him to get a little major-league exposure while the opportunity is here. The 26-year-old is also coming off a breakout season last year where he cranked 23 home runs and drove in 80, and he is on pace to eclipse both of those marks this year.

The only hiccup is bringing up Slaughter would require someone getting bumped off the 40-man roster. I can think of no better candidate than Miles Mastrobuoni, who is long overdue for a DFA in my opinion.

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