3 guys the Cubs could be using at third base instead of Miles Mastrobuoni

The Chicago Cubs have at-bats to give out at third base right now, but they are giving them to Miles Mastrobuoni instead of the plethora of other candidates in Iowa.
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2. Edwin Rios

Although you can point at Rios' numbers this year and say pretty much the same thing about them as Mastrobuoni's, Rios has not been given much of a shot. He's only been given 28 at-bats at the big-league level this year which is not exactly a large sample size. In fact, Rios has never been given much of a chance on a big league squad ever in his career. With the Cubs banged up infield and Rios already on the 40-man roster, I don't know why Mastrobuoni is getting starts while Rios could provide the power that this team needs right now.

Why else would the team even bring Rios over in the offseason if they're never even going to use him? The abundance of trust in Miles Mastrobuoni is getting ridiculous at this point.