3 early red flags for the Chicago Cubs 2023 season

Milwaukee Brewers v Chicago Cubs
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3 red flags for the Chicago Cubs in 2023 - No true closer

A true red flag for the Cubs is the situation with Michael Fulmer in the closing role. The fact is, it's not working. Fulmer has given up six earned runs in his last 1.1 innings of baseball, including another blown save before that, single-handedly accounting for two separate losses against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Whether you are an advocate of Fulmer gettings chances because he is the guy that is getting paid to be in this situation or not, the fact remains these losses can cripple you in the long run.

The Cubs' window of contention in 2023 is tight as it is, and blowing multiple saves can turn into catastrophic results as you near the end of a season and find yourself in a very close Wild Card race. The Cubs ate the last year of Jason Heyward's $22.0M contract, so Fulmer's $4.0M shouldn't be something the Cubs think twice about if it boils down to it. It is too soon to cut him from the roster, but it is time to remove him from the 9th innings and put him in some lower leverage spots to regain his confidence.