3 early red flags for the Chicago Cubs 2023 season

Milwaukee Brewers v Chicago Cubs
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3 red flags for the Chicago Cubs in 2023 - In-game managerial decisions

What worries me most about the Cubs isn't the lack of a true closer but rather the managerial decision to keep trotting the same guy out there in the 9th, which has only thrown gas on the fire at best nearly every time. From a feel-good standpoint, we all want to see Cubs World Series winner, David Ross, manage the team to success, and the leash doesn't need to be extremely tight at the moment with the Cubs sitting at 12-9. Still, through the early part of the season, multiple losses have already been attributed to Ross.

Going back to the recent game against the Dodgers, Ross elected to have Fulmer pitch to David Peralta, a left-handed batter, with a base open at first when a base hit was all LA needed to win the game anyway. The strategy will always tell you to walk Peralta in that spot and get to the right-handed batter who still hadn't recorded a hit through that part of the season, setting up a double play on anything fieldable on the infield. Austin Barnes had to hit in that situation, as Will Smith wasn't available, and the Dodgers were without another catcher.

Most recently, Fulmer's grand slam to red-hot James Outman resulted in Ross needing to pay attention to Fulmer not having his stuff that night. If you give up back-to-back singles, followed by a walk to Jason Heyward, you do not let the same pitcher face the hottest player in the other team's lineup. I can't blame Ross for managing inning by inning, and only having one lefty to work with isn't his fault, but if a guy doesn't have it, take him out. Regardless of if he's supposed to be the closer or not. Every game matters.

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