3 Cubs players who could be the difference between success and failure in 2024

Rolling into 2024, it's important to identify who makes the difference between success and failure for the Chicago Cubs.

San Francisco Giants v Chicago Cubs
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3 Cubs who could make a difference - 2. Christopher Morel

After a fantastic offensive season for Christopher Morel, the 24-year-old is a key part of this team's plans. He is one of those players who can take the Cubs from good to great this coming season. He is a high-upside player who seems to get lost in the mix of guys we aren't overly dependent on. However, he has the talent to break out in 2024. His electric energy is contagious for both the team and the fans in attendance, and with one swing of the bat, he can change the momentum of a game single-handedly.

The power for Morel is off the charts. When he barrels a baseball, it doesn't matter if the wind blows in or out. What the Cubs need from him is to avoid being a liability defensively. His bat to this point is why he is where he is, but being able to lock down a position, such as third base, allows him to play daily and have that much-needed pop in the lineup. He hit 26 HRs and drove in 70 RBIs in just 107 games last season. No doubt, the sky is the limit, and he is a major X-factor for the Cubs reaching the postseason in 2024.