3 Cubs players who could be the difference between success and failure in 2024

Rolling into 2024, it's important to identify who makes the difference between success and failure for the Chicago Cubs.

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3 Cubs who could make a difference - 1. Pete Crow-Armstrong

The Chicago Cubs' top prospect, Pete Crow-Armstrong, makes the list at #1 due to the sheer necessity of the team's farm system needing to produce this year. The club has players such as Happ, Nico Hoerner, Dansby Swanson, Seiya Suzuki, and hopefully, Bellinger, but for the Cubs to step back into the realm of being great, the next wave of players need to make an impact. Crow-Armstrong is the first bat in the lineup that needs to produce this season, and it would be great if he comes out of the gate hot.

Luckily for the Cubs and their many outfield prospects, Crow-Armstrong can do more good than harm. Hypothetically, if the Cubs Bellinger, massive pressure doesn't need to be on him. You want the Cubs to sign Bellinger for his bat and because it provides a safety net in center field. Still, the plan is to give Crow-Armstrong the reigns one way or another, and that's why we are still waiting to see these outfield prospects packaged in a deal for a blockbuster trade.

For that to happen, someone needs to work out first. It isn't just about him being a good player. Crow-Armstrong has the chance to be the solution for the Cubs, which gives the front office the luxury of moving some outfield prospects to address vital needs and not risk pulling the trigger on a trade prematurely.

I'm not worried about the 0-14 start in the MLB, especially given that Cubs former manager David Ross didn't give him time to get into a rhythm and adjust to major league pitching on the grandest stage. That will not be the case with Craig Counsell, assuming Crow-Armstong makes the team out of spring training. If he does, it will be because he has a solid spring showing and proved he is ready to compete at the highest level. Whether it's to start the year or later on during the season, when Crow-Armstrong comes up, he can fortify the Cubs lineup if he locks in.

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