3 Cubs players under contract for 2023 that fans are ready to move on from

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Kyle Hendricks
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3 players that Cubs fans are ready to move on from: Kyle Hendricks

Outside of manager David Ross, starting pitcher Kyle Hendricks is the last remaining player on the Chicago Cubs roster that was a part of the 2016 World Series winning team. Despite having the profile of a pitcher that should remain effective in the later years of his career, Hendricks has regressed over the course of the past two seasons.

In 32 starts during the 2021 season, Hendricks posted a 4.77 ERA in 181 innings pitched. After believing to have fixed a hitch in his delivery, Hendricks entered the 2022 season with the goal of bouncing back. Despite the goal, Hendricks' struggles continued as he posted a 4.80 ERA in 84.1 innings pitched. A shoulder injury limited Hendricks to 16 starts for the Cubs last season.

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Hendricks is entering the final season of his contract with the Cubs and, unlike the other stars of the 2016 World Series team, Cubs fans appear to be aware that a farewell may be necessary. The league has figured Hendricks and outside of the unlikely odds of the 33-year-old starting pitcher finding an uptick in his velocity, it seems likely Hendricks may not have a strong value for the Cubs moving forward.