3 Chicago Cubs who could be first-time All-Stars in 2023

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With Chicago Cub's spring training in full effect, it's time to project who could be eyeing their first All-Star appearance this coming season. The front office has done an excellent job bridging the gap to its prospects while potentially fielding a competitive product in 2023. With more protection in the lineup this season, several players can do more damage without being pitched around to get to the guy behind him, who usually would be the easier out.

The Cubs aren't getting much love in projected standings. For example, Pecota projects the Cubs for just 76.7 wins in 2023. They were drastically wrong about several teams last year, and the truth is that this team quietly has an upside that shouldn't be ignored. If the Cubs are to succeed in 2023, we can expect at least one of these players to get the nod for their first All-Star appearance.

3 Chicago Cubs who could be first-time All-Stars in 2023 - Seiya Suzuki

Entering his sophomore season in a Cubs uniform, Seiya Suzuki is primed for a breakout season in 2023. Although we are admittedly concerned about the current oblique issue that we're still waiting for results on, the projections are still there for a monster campaign. Suzuki's ZiPS peg him for a slash of .267/.352/.488/135 wRC+, along with 21 HRs and 63 RBIs. Steamer is a little friendlier with the homers and RBIs, with a projection of 25/75.

The Cubs desperately need Suzuki's oblique injury not to be serious. He is an integral part of the team's success, and with solid protection both in front and behind him in the lineup, he should have multiple opportunities to drive in runs. In the best-case scenario, he is sidelined for minimal time and doesn't see his World Baseball Classic appearance derailed. We're keeping our fingers crossed that he doesn't have to miss any time during the regular season.